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From the faceted sub-dials to the soleil finishing, the iconic Chronograph is finally here! Grab this stunning piece in three elegant variants.

“The Chronograph promises to be an absolute game-changer this season.”

After an extensive and meticulous research, the Chronograph range is curated
to match the level of precision and detailing D1 Milano is known for.

Each Chronograph piece is powered with the innovative Seiko Meca-Quartz
movement, combining the mechanical complexity of a flyback chrono module
and accuracy of a quartz movement. Seiko Meca-Quartz movement ensures
precise timekeeping thanks to its smooth chrono pushers and 20/100s sweeping chrono hand.

The pieces come in a variety of dial colours including the sleek pantone black,
the elegant steel grey and royal blue, that boasts new components that improve
its durability without compromising accuracy or its water-resistant feature.