That tick of a second, that moment that lasts for a lifetime, that instant that changes your life, that constant sound. Breath is deep, adrenaline is high. Change is not a decision but a state of mind.

D1 Milano is a way of living, of knowing always that you are a step away from making that final step to reach success.

Overcome your limits by joining our Community of Game Changers: Talent is the result of determination and perseverance and like minded individuals only strive for the Best.

This is how how our product is created, perceived and produced with the highest standards for the person who accepts no compromises. That finishing, that detail, that touch, the magic lies in the synergy of perfect simplicity.

What started as a marketing thesis by Dario who currently heads the company with sister Alessia and long-time friends Alessandro and Mattia quickly made its way as one of the fastest growing fashion accessories  brands in the luxury industry. D1 Milano is pronounced The One. Born in Milan during the 2013 Edition of MFW and present in the world-s leading fashion boutiques.

Be part of the Family by Joining our Community of Entrepreneurs, Philanthropists, Artists, Athletes, Freelancers and much more with the perseverance and the will to make an impact in our Society.